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1USD = 93.3 RUB
1USD = 93.3 RUB
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Working hours:
• Mon - Fri: 9am to 9pm (UTC +3);
• Sat: flexible schedule;
• Sun: day off.

Recommendations for adding to BestChange

We provide services for promoting (accompanying) exchange services to top monitoring platforms. Learn more by following the link.

After purchasing the software and fine-tuning it, you need to think about attracting clients to your website. The most available ways are context advertising and advertising campaigns on topical platforms — forums, blogs, communities, aggregators.

However, the goal of almost each exchanger already at the start, is getting listed on BestChange.com exchanger monitor that can generate hundreds of orders per hour for any exchanger. Currently, it is the oldest and the largest traffic aggregator of information about exchangers in the world, that is why we, too, recommend using this platform to attract client traffic to your website.

Main indicators of the BestChange monitor:

  • Over 2.6 M loyal customers. That’s how many users come to the website specifically for exchanging money: https://www.similarweb.com/website/bestchange.com/#overview
  • Low bounce rate and good session duration (between 2:04 to 4:17 min for different language versions)
  • All our users are ready for exchanges on your website;
  • High conversion (visiting an exchanger from our main page) – 25 percent.

Currently, the monitor BestChange accepts rates from more than 200 active exchangers in real-time.

Listing in BestChange is a quite serious endeavour requiring the time and attention of your employees. We recommend you follow a number of the listing’s requirements from your first days of work, then it will be much easier to get to the list of trusted services in the future. Please pay attention, that when getting listed on BestChange, new exchangers can fail to manage a dramatically increased flow of clients; please consider it when planning to increase reserves and the number of employees before listing.

To make listing of your project in the BestChange.com monitor possible, you need to meet the conditions described on the page https://www.bestchange.com/wiki/add.html

It is important for the exchanger’s administrator to monitor the website’s reputation, given that, the website must be known on the internet. Before adding to BestChange, the exchanger must have its own loyal customers that leave reviews about its work on third-party information platforms.

We recommend you place information about the new exchanger on the internet so that new pages would appear where users could leave reviews about the work of your service.

1) Create topics about the exchanger on popular forums and keep up the activity in these topics. The exchanger must be present at least on the following information resources:

  • https://bitcointalk.org/
  • https://forum.stake.com/
  • https://carigold.com/forum/
  • https://www.covers.com/
  • https://cryptotalk.org/
  • https://www.emoneyspace.com/
  • https://mmo4me.com/

2) Add your exchanger to the dozen of small exchanger monitors:

  • https://kurs.expert
  • https://exchangesumo.com
  • https://bits.media/exchanger
  • https://exnode.ru

3) Add the website to various review services. The exchanger must be present at least on these information resources:

  • https://www.trustpilot.com/
  • https://www.mywot.com/

4) Place news and press-releases on topical resources.

Six months of active independent work of the exchanger’s website is an obligatory condition for listing in BestChange. During this time, you need to fine-tune the work and ensure an appropriate level of security, hire a reliable team, list the exchanger in the maximum number of small monitors and place topics on forums.

Also, when working in the monitor, you need to abide by the conditions of participation, described on the page https://www.bestchange.com/wiki/rules.html

If you are interested in the integration to the BestChange monitor and you are ready for it, please get in touch with the integration department via email [email protected]