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1USD = 93.3 RUB
1USD = 93.3 RUB
1USD = 0.000015604519 BTC
1USD = 0.000320340330 ETH
1USD = 0.935 EUR

Working hours:
• Mon - Fri: 9am to 9pm (UTC +3);
• Sat: flexible schedule;
• Sun: day off.

Affiliate FAQ

How does the affiliate program work?

By registering in our affiliate program, you receive a unique identification number that is added to all your links (for example, https://premiumexchanger.net/?skidka=1) and an HTML code. You can place links to any pages of our service on your website, blog, page, communities and social networks. You can find out your identification number in partner account.

How much will I earn by participating in your affiliate program?

You will earn 10% of the amount of each paid order. Payment for additional services, additional product licenses do not count.

Also, the amount of earnings depends on many factors, such as:

  • The traffic to your website or sites where you post information about us.
  • Compliance with the theme of the site to the target audience that may be interested in the monitoring service of exchangers. Simply put, don’t count on a large number of clicks on your affiliate link posted on a parrot breeding site.
  • Proper presentation of information. For example, few people will be attracted by the mere link “monitoring exchangers” without any description somewhere in the corner of a web page.
If I put my affiliate link in the signature on the forum, will referrals and all other terms of the TP be taken into account?

Yes, of course they will.

I already have other affiliate programs installed on my site. Can I be your partner?

Yes, you can. We have no restrictions on working with other affiliate programs.

Is my site eligible for an affiliate program?

We welcome any sites that do not contradict the terms of our affiliate program. You can view the list of conditions here (point 6).

How many levels does your affiliate program have? Is attracting new partners paid?

Our affiliate program is single-level.

Can’t sign in to my partner account. Writes “Wrong combination of login and password.” However, I am sure that I am entering the password correctly.

Make sure that you do not have the Russian keyboard layout or Caps Lock enabled when entering your password. If you only remember your login exactly, use the function Password reminders. The password will be sent to your e-mail specified during registration.

How is the money earned paid out?

Accruals under the affiliate program are conducted in USD. Payments under the affiliate program are made in USD and RUB. Conversion from USD to RUB is made at the site’s internal rate. The payment system commission for the transfer will be deducted from the amount of the payment. After submitting an application for payment, your account will be checked by our administrator. Do not rush to send us messages if 72 hours have not passed since the application was submitted – the administrator sees all applications and will process yours in any case.